Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lime Daim

What you need: 

2 dl light syrup 
2 dl sugar 
2 dl cream

2 Limes (only the peel)
2 tablespoons butter 

200g dark chocolate

How you make them: 

Step 1: Cook the syrup, sugar and cream together until its has a dark golden brown color and then do what we in Sweden call ''kulprov'' which is when you take some of the mixture on a spoon, put the spoon in cold water and then try to make a really small ball out of the mixture, if you can that means that it's done and you can take it of the stove. 

Step 2: Grate the lime peel off of one lime and mix the peel and the butter into the mixture. 

Step 3: Melt the chocolate

Then there are two ways you can ''assemble'' them. 

A: This is the easy way, you can just spread out the mixture on baking paper. 

Let it cool until its become hard and then spread the melted chocolate on top. 
Before the chocolate has hardend use the second Lime, grate the peel and sprinkle it on top.  

Let the chocolate become hard again by puting it into the fridge and then just break it into pieces.  

B: The more time consuming way: Put baking paper in a form that you think will work and then spread the mixture out on top of the baking paper so it's about 1cm thick. Let it cool down but not for too long! You still have to be able to cut thru it with a knife!

Take the mixture out of the form and then cut it into bite size pieces.

Stick a toothpick into it and then dip it into the melted chocolate. 
Spread out baking paper and then place the pieces on top so that you can easily remove them when they're done. 

Before the chocolate hardens use the second lime, grate the peel and sprinkle it on top to make them look pretty.

Place the pieces in the fridge and then take them out and enjoy! 


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