Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dying of Jealousy!

At this time a yeas ago I was in Val Thorens with some of my best friends having the greatest time ever! And right now some of my other friends are there. One of them keeps texting me telling me about the weather and all the fun that they're having and I just want to curl up in a ball and die of jealousy! 

In the highschool it went to it became a thing to go skiing in the beginning of February the same year that you graduate. Last year I thing we were between 30-40 people who went to Val Thorens and I just really want to do it again! 

I haven't been able to go skiing this year so next year I'm making sure that I'll get to go with a bunch of friends!

Some of my classmates were sitting in the slopes looking out over Folie Douce where they 
host the best afterski .. ever .. probably!


Me and Christoffer looking out over Folie Douce //  A picture that i took of my friend Sigrid. 

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