Friday, February 1, 2013

Dorm party number II

On Wednesday we had a dorm party and what we usually do is that we pair up into teams of two and then you choose who's room to be in and then every room has a theme, a drink and a game. So every one dresses up and it's so much fun! 
Then there's a three course dinner too, so what we do is we first go to three rooms - have the starter - do another two rooms - have dinner - the two last rooms - dessert and then we go out.
It's always the people who moved into there dorm last that make the dinner so last time it was Me and the two other people who had just moved in who made the dinner. 

What I really love about the dorm parties is that it's just us who live here who are here, it's just so much fun! we already know each other and you don't have to worry about anything, and if you don't want to party anymore you just go in to your room.. (not that anyone ever does that but it's an option..). 

 I had hoodies from two American universities so we decided to just dress up as American college students. I was dressed up as a student from Stanford and Amanda was dressed up as a student from CU (Colorado university), and then our game was ¨never have I ever¨ and we gave everyone a jell-o shot and a 7up and vodka drink.

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