Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The last few minutes of 2012

If alcohol just made people really happy all the time instead of making them do stupid things the New Year celebration would be the best celebration each year, but that is usually not the case.. It's too bad really.. 

Yesterday started of great, warmup at a friends house, after that I went to my best friends house to celebrate the last two hours of 2012 with her family and watch the fireworks from their balcony and after that I just went in to Luxembourg town to meet up with friends. From experience everything just starts going downhill right at around 1 and smart as I am that's when I decided to go into town. 
Oh well... 

NewYears is the only celebration where you can wear as much glitter as 
you want and no one can comment on it!

The guys were obviously playing beer pong!

The name tag on my glass at my best friends house, 
thought it was really cute! 

We played a game called "the gift game" where everyone brings 
a certain amount of gifts worth a certain amount of money and 
then you play a game with a pair of dice and you have 
to get the same number on each die to get to take one present 
from a pile in the middle of the table. 
You do that until all the gifts have been taken from the pile. 
Then in the second round you need a timer to set on a time you 
think is appropriate. Everyone opens their presents so that 
everyone can see what you got and then you use  the dice and 
when you geta pair you get to take any present from anyone 
at the table. 
You just continue until the timer goes off and when it does the 
presents you have infront of you are the ones you get! 

These are the gifts that I got and I've go to 
say that I'm really happy with them! :P

I Hope your New Years celebration was amazing and i hope 2013 will 
be a great year for you! 


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