Saturday, January 26, 2013

In Göteborg / Gothenburg

Since we've been about three years old Klara, Lovisa and me have been best friends, So when Klara and Lovisa graduated high school in 2011 Klara took a year off an lovisa moved to Gothenburg to go to university there. A year later I graduated  high school and Klara and me moved to Lund so start studying there. 
Now me and Klara are visiting Lovisa in Gothenburg to celebrate her birthday and its so amazing because we don't all get together that often anymore so when we do its just so much fun! 

We decided that we were going to take a walk in a forest here in Gotherburg and when
 we got to a lake we decided just to walk straight across it on the ice instead of around
 it. People were ice skating and it was really great!  

A picture of me and Lovisa when we were little, we were going to sail to America.. 
a couple of years later we decided to take a plane instead.. 
figured that that would be easier..

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