Sunday, January 13, 2013

Giant Bookshelves

Something that is included in my dream house is an awesome bookshelf! And it has to be gigantic! And obviously my sister's got one! Its not gigantic but I'm still really jealous!


Something I love is when you have a lot of
modern furniture but then have a few really
old pieces like my sister has done in this picture,
it brings a certain character to the room and what
I think can happen when you only have modern
furniture is that your room/apartment/house can get
really plain and boring and I think some old pieces
just make it feel more alive!

I just love what this person has done! He/she has just 
stacked a bunch of IKEA bookshelves on top of each other 
and just made it into a giant bookshelf! It's smart and also 
a lot cheaper than getting it specially made for you! 
Keeping it simple with a bookshelf from IKEA! 

Yeah this is more of a library but it's still awesome so i 
just had to include it! 

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