Friday, December 28, 2012

Just getting started.

My friend an I were having lunch at a place here in Luxembourg called Coffee Lounge today and she gave me the idea to start a blog, so that's what I did when I got home. 

My obsession for baking and doing my nails really isn't healthy for me but just way to much fun to stop it so you are going to see a lot of pictures of things like that. Also I've always loved decorating anything from my cupcakes to my room, the small things are what make the big things what they are. 
That's why I choose to name the blog "Violet Details". 

Recipes, pictures of food and Decor and with some fashion thrown into the mix, sounds just like a really girly blog, there are probably hundreds of other blogs out there just like mine but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway! 

Love, Sofia

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